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    • " I have been using this stuff for years for running throughout the Chicago winters and for X-country skiing in the northern climes. It protects against windburn/chafing skin and it also stops the burning feeling that comes with that. A little goes a long way. Comfortable and easy. Better than a balaclava! " stankee dee

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Dermatone Legendary Tins

Tested in some of the most rugged environments on earth, Dermatone’s skin protection tins have truly become a legend. Dermatone tins offer superior frostbite, windburn, and sun protection with a water-free formula that’s easy to apply. Packaged in a unique container that’s small enough to travel to the edges of the globe. Available in the traditional Swedish formula or the higher SPF formula with transparent Z-Cote®, Dermatone tins offer the protection you desire for wherever your expeditions lead.
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