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    • " I have been using Dermatone for years, both summer and winter, mainly winter. As manager of a bicycle store in Wisconsin I immediately thought about bringing the product in for our Fat Bike winter riders. " Tad

    • " This is the only product that works for blocking the sun and is clear. My son gets cold sores on his nose and he has an allergy to most sunscreens except your product. When he wears the dermatone with Zinc his cold sores are very few. This product helps extremely well!!!! " Chris

    • " I have been using this stuff for years for running throughout the Chicago winters and for X-country skiing in the northern climes. It protects against windburn/chafing skin and it also stops the burning feeling that comes with that. A little goes a long way. Comfortable and easy. Better than a balaclava! " stankee dee

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Dermatone Legendary Tins

Tested in some of the most rugged environments on earth, Dermatone’s skin protection tins have truly become a legend. Dermatone tins offer superior frostbite, windburn, and sun protection with a water-free formula that’s easy to apply. Packaged in a unique container that’s small enough to travel to the edges of the globe. Available in the traditional Swedish formula or the higher SPF formula with transparent Z-Cote®, Dermatone tins offer the protection you desire for wherever your expeditions lead.
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